Alfonso – A Success Story!

Alfonso – A Success Story!

Our main market for groceries is a Calimax store that is closet to The Ranch and not far from the prison. As Judy and I would be going in there the end of 2014 and early 2015 we would hear “Hi Youdy” “Hi Beell” we would look around and not see anyone! Then one day I(Bill) and Ricardo was going in and this fella says Hi Beell! – I looked at him and said “Ola” – Howdy in Spanish

I told Ricardo that on the way out we are going to ask him his name and how does he know us, so on the way out that is what we did and he says “he use to be in prison and we always came in to see him in where he was at (in the Pabbion – the mental area of the men) and that we always brought them cookies etc.

SO I looked at him and NOW it started to come together! I did not recognize him not being in his gray prison uniform. He was dressed in a security uniform as he has a job at the Calimax as security!

I asked him if he needs anything and how can we help him. He said he does not need anything – he has what he needs – he has his hands & feet, he has his family and he has the Lord in his heart!!

On a recent trip we were at the checkout counter and was in the middle of our purchase and he comes up and was offering his Calimax card so that we can get his discount on our purchase.

We continue to see him when we go to that Calimax store and he ALWAYS has a BIG smile as he greets us. He has also asked Ricardo about attending his church when he can, as his hours at work is a lot on Sundays as well.​

We have shared that with the prison officials and they were VERY happy to hear that!

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