Feeding The Kids

We have been BLESSED to come along side Pastor Ricardo and Pastora Erika
Green who deliver the gospel story with humor to the kids in Colonial 89 one of
the poorest of the poorest areas in Ensenada.

Ricardo and Erica are Ensenada natives who have have stepped away from their jobs to be missionaries to the least of these in Ensenada. we could see God at work through them and they invited us to become a part of their ministry. We have been helping with their feeding program, and supplying school supplies for the kids. Many of these children rarely get one good meal a day if that.We have prepared pancakes to feed after their church service. We also help and provide for their outreach programs that they do in Colonial 89.

The future plan for this community is to develop an after school program that will feed the kids, help them with homework, teach hygiene skills and continue presenting God’s word. They will continue children’s church and lunch feeding on Sundays and Wednesdays. The hope is to secure a building that can accommodate these activities and church gatherings. Right now they just minister to them on dirt lots and along the dirt streets.

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