Wanting to GO on a short term missions trip, but do not know what to do, how to get involved? We offer a platform for you and your Team to come and do ministry in the area of Ensenada, Mexico. If you have your ministry already planned and just need accommodations, we offer that as well!
We will serve alongside you and act as your hosts; we really do love to build relationships with our groups stateside. If you need help in any area, we’re here to come alongside of you and help out; before, during or even after.

Video below is from 2014! 

Ministry Outreach Opportunities

All of our Ministry Outreach Opportunities allow you to build your trip based on the passion, talents, and resources of your team.
No two-mission experiences are the same; it really depends on how God has gifted your team. We really need to live out “flexibility”; God continues to teach us what that means for us in Mexico! We will customize your schedule to accommodate you in almost any way you would like. A short-term ministry experience to Mexico can have an emphasis towards a Youth missions trip, High School, Jr. High, Teens, Students, College, medical, construction or a Family missions trip. We are set up to handle any kind of short-term mission experience you might want to put together.

Through local Pastors from the Ensenada Pastor’s Alliance Group we have a list of families whose homes NEED maintenance, or to build a family a home, along with maintenance at men and women rehabs. Through this you will restore the physical building as well as the faith of the people. This is a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a specific family, as well as men, women, boys and girls in the homes and rehabs.

  • Timeline: About 3 days to complete. 
  • Costs: Varies on the projects

Choose this program if your team carries a heart for those that are hungry (hungry not for solely food, however for also love and attention). We are able to connect you with numerous feeding programs throughout Ensenada (including, but not limited to: children of field employees, elderly of rural communities, and/or homeless of downtown.) Alongside the resources and compassion of the local church, you will work together to truly make a difference! Lend a hand in preparing meals, serving food, and playing with the kids — all powerful ways to show God’s love!

Timeline: The feeding program runs for an average of 4 half days, the second half of your week will consist of additional ministry activities chosen from below.

Price: Varies on location amount of kids to the area going to: – covers necessary materials, food, planning, and staff for ministry activities

Choose this program if your team carries a heart for those that are incarcerated. You will work alongside our Prison Ministry Team to show the love of Jesus to “Our Ladies on The Inside”! You will help in preparing a meal serving the inmates, and playing volleyball and ping pong! — We have been going in for several years and have built GREAT relationships with the inmates and ALSO the staff of the prison.

Timeline: This is a FULL 1 day event – we start by preparing the food – packing all supplies up, most of the times we will make a FRESH salad and then the main meal varies – from carne asada tacos, hamburgers, Costco hot dogs, pancakes and eggs are always BIG hit. Then we go to the prison , get checked in – start by Pastor Gabriel leading worship, Pastor Ricardo sharing the  gospel, then we serve them a meal, followed by volleyball and ping pong. We usually come out of the prison around 3:30 ish.

Suggested Team Size: Maximum of 6
Price: $600. covers all the food menu items for the meal – plus plates, cups etc
Plus ea. person is required to purchase a Red Prison T Shirt that all our team members wear at a cost of $15. ea.

Accompany a local church in helping preach, teach, and share The Gospel. There’s also opportunity for your team to work alongside the local church to host special events of outreach. You will also participate in various ministry activities throughout the week.

Evangelism Outreach will take careful planning with the local church. Your team will have to understand the churches strategies and vision to share The Gospel, and figure out how best we can support their vision.

Timeline: Will vary based the projects and activities planned for the trip (special services, handing out invites to church, youth carnival, etc.)

Price: Dependent on Outreach Strategy

This package is a great fit for those who may be unsure of their preferred focus, or have limited resources. We will personally tailor a package for you to help make a difference and share God’s love through various outreach activities. Activities can range from serving food at a feeding program, to playing with the kids of an orphanage, and/or helping at a rehab center. We will help compile the right fit for your team!

*We suggest you arrive prepared with basic crafts, games, etc. for kids, as much of this outreach is with kids.

Timeline: Depending on your team’s interests and requests, we will build a schedule for your team.

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