Ministry Outreach Opportunities

Wanting to GO on a short term missions trip, but do not know what to do, how to get involved? We offer a platform for you and your Team to come and do ministry in the area of Ensenada, Mexico. If you have your ministry already planned and just need accommodations, we offer that as well!
We will serve alongside you and act as your hosts; we really do love to build relationships with our groups stateside. If you need help in any area, we’re here to come alongside of you and help out; before, during or even after.

Ministry Outreach Opportunities

All of our Ministry Outreach Opportunities allow you to build your trip based on the passion, talents, and resources of your team.
No two-mission experiences are the same; it really depends on how God has gifted your team. We really need to live out “flexibility”; God continues to teach us what that means for us in Mexico! We will customize your schedule to accommodate you in almost any way you would like. A short-term ministry experience to Mexico can have an emphasis towards a Youth missions trip, High School, Jr. High, Teens, Students, College, medical, construction or a Family missions trip. We are set up to handle any kind of short-term mission experience you might want to put together.

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Mixed Outreach Opportunities

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