Ensenada Ministries have been going into the Ensenada Prison and ministering to the prisoners for several years and this has overflowed to the guards as well. We have heard from the staff that they see the inmates have a change of heart. They see the value of having the ministries come in because of the change that they see in the inmates. They will move a inmate that is having a hard time or struggling, into a cell with the Christian inmates so that they can mentor them.

The guards and leadership of higher level has expressed thankfulness for our ministry.​

Some of the activities include, delivering hygiene items, t shirts, underwear. sweat pants and tennis shoes. We take in snacks, christian books, printed bible studies, and craft supplies. Some have had opportunity to share a testimony, we pray over the inmates and interact with the them as well. Many long relationships have been built with the inmates and lives have been changed!

We also go in and just simply have a church service for the inmates while they are all in their cells. We go in and do worship with them and then a message is given to them, this is set up so that ALL the inmates hear the message and are able to join in the worship time as well!

On numerous times throughout the year we will take in a lunch for the women inmates – these meals have consisted of Bar B Q hamburgers with home made macaroni salad or Bar B Chicken with fresh rolls and a rice pilaf. We have also taken in ice cream and home made cookies for them as well.

There has been MANY of relationships built with the inmates from NOT wanting to participate in anything that was being done to coming up and being the first to participate. From not wanting to hear anything about the Good News to wanting MORE information about this Jesus to receiving Him as their Savior!! CLICK HERE to see the celebration.

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