Prison Ministry

We have been going into the Ensenada Prison to visit many who NEVER get a visit and also take in much needed personal items.  We have seen hearts of inmates change and also we have seen them on the outside after their release and some are now Pstors, leading worship, being mentors etc!! We have also seen hearts of the leadership in the prison change because of this ministry. Sometimes they, the leadership, just can’t figure out why we keep coming back. You may want to try going with us once and maybe you will figure that out.

The prisoners seem to understand why we keep coming back and they are grateful we do. Recently we were able to take in t-shirts, socks, and underwear to the men’s mental ward. This seems to be a forgotten group of men as stated by a working inmate who recently pleaded for help for this group of inmates. We have adopted them and continue to take in much needed items.  Another church recently provided prayer knot blankets for this ward and the women’s as well. Many prisoners we very uplifted by this gift. The young woman who was told by God to make these blankets told the inmates: Every time you wrap yourself in this blanket remember how much God loves you.

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