Prison Ministry update

At the beginning of this year the inmate Pastora of the Women’s prison church let us know they were planning a Baptism and wanted our team to be a part.

We set several thinks in motion. We set a date and got permission from the officials. We knew 6 inmates wanted to get Baptized. We past out the book, How Good is Good Enough by Andy Stanley( Spanish edition), to each cell, 2 weeks before the baptism. We gave them the assignment to either read together or individually and then discuss it among each other. The book gives a clear explanation concerning the path to salvation.The average cell has 8 inmates.
They actually got excited about doing this assignment. We also re visited the ladies before the baptism and had a service in which our local Pastor / Missionary spoke on how good is good enough. He explained that the warden of this prison is not good enough and the guards that over see you are not good enough to enter heaven. We could hear sighs and see eyes widen as they listened. Many became tearful. The gospel message was given with the emphasis on  that clear message of salvation. As a result we had 24 ladies baptized on March 19th, 2015. That day we celebrated by joining all the inmates in a time of worship, sharing, eating: hamburgers, macaroni salad and home made cookies.
We have prayed for favor within this prison and we have thankfully received that. The officials have stated those 24 women that were baptized have been model inmates. We have been given permission to do these big events when we want and favor in entering the prison for smaller events as well.
The officials are seeing a difference in the behavior and attitudes of the Christian church within the prison. Many times they will mix them with the new inmates because of  these results. We are praying the officials will receive Christ as well.
We always ask the officials what are the needs of the women so we will be bringing in items of value. They have asked for white tennis shoes and underwear in all sizes.
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