Prison Ministry

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together
with them in prison, Hebrews 13:3

A chrome cross cut from a prison cell (not in Ensenada)that we presented to the director
A chrome cross cut from a prison cell (not in Ensenada)that we presented to the director

God has blessed us with MORE favor in the Ensenada Prison. It was communicated through the head of all the Northern Mexico prisons down through the new Director (Warden) to the new women’s commandant to work with us. They have found value in the programs and the visits that we have developed in the woman’s unit of the Ensenada Prison.

We have had valuable meetings with the new Director. We have found his leadership in the prison to be extraordinarily sensitive to the progress and behavior change of the women after the events we have been allowed to present. Each of our events include worship and a gospel message. We bring a church service to the inmates!​

We just completed a two day celebration of our Lord and Savior’s Birth. It began with worship. It continued with a local Ensenada close friend from the outside presenting a beautiful dance of worship. Another worship leader (past inmate Antonia) also lead in a time of worship.

We served a hot lunch of BBQ chicken, macaroni salad and green salad. Then the Yugo prison team from Rosarito brought cake for dessert, and gifts of toiletries for all the women.

Then our amazing missionary couple, Pastor Ricardo and Pastora Erika Green, entered in their clown costumes and brought laughter and joy with their skits and games.

The inmates shared that they laughed so hard and smiled for such a long time those muscles hurt. How wonderful to see them enjoying fun. Our clowns concluded with a gospel message.​

When we met with the director (warden) he said that he and the staff were VERY grateful and happy as well – as the inmates in that time we were in there and the clowns having them laugh, that that took them out of their environment in the prison and they were focused on having fun and laughing.​

Their Houses (as the inmates refer to it) Are Decorated for Christmas

The second day we had our worship leader again begin our time with the women. Our team leader Bill Nazaroff was the main speaker. He gave his personal testimony, using props of a small airplane and headphones to show how the Lord saved him from a 3,000 dive upside down in his airplane and pulled out at 300 feet above the ground going over 240 miles per hour. He ended by sharing that our lives are like a football game. The game is not won in the first half. And you (inmates) have an opportunity to win in Jesus because you have been given a second half. Your time in the prison is like half time. Regroup, accept our Lord and live for him whether it be inside or outside these prison walls you can make a difference in the second half of your life and those around you. They wholeheartedly accepted this message.

Well, we did not pass up another chance to feed the women. They were blessed with tamales, beans and a green salad with ice cream for dessert. The tamales where made by a local church and we were thankful for their participation and heart to serve.

The highlight of this day was the gift we presented to each inmate. It was a 2 pound bag of nuts and a candy cane. ALL the ladies were SO Grateful!​

A Church Plant in The Ensenada Prison!!

The previous director had asked if we would build a church (chapel) for the ladies, we said SURE, as long as you know we do not have the monies NOW – BUT the Lord will provide. So we put the word out and about a year later the funding was provided and a church was built!! The ladies started using the new chapel in November 0f 2014. Now the ladies have a place to worship, have bible studies, we have done baptisms and also on occasion movies are permitted to be shown. In October of 2015 we showed the movie “God’s Not Dead” which was a BIG hit.

  • The Beginning of The Women's Chapel Build
    The Beginning of The Women's Chapel Build
    This is the area in the prison that was allowed to be built.
  • Construction is just starting with the building of retaining walls
  • Slab is poured and the walls are up - getting ready to put the roof on.
  • The inside walls are painted
  • Roofing material has arrived
  • The Chapel is Finished!
  • We had the opportunity of having a small and quite prayer dedication with the Christians leaders of the "Church on The Inside"
  • Praying around the Chapel.
  • They were all very Blessed and Happy!

We have also been able to add another element to our prison ministry program that is very instrumental in grounding the women in their faith. Each week our missionary couple, Pastor Ricardo and Pastora Erika Green, go into the prison and train the leaders of the church inside. The leaders have been picked so that each cell has a leader in their cell. They are doing a discipleship series which they call the purple book. We are experiencing Openness and trust with both the inmates and the officials within the prison as we build this program and relationships with the women. Again we are thankful to our Lord for His Favor.

We have been praying for years about one more piece to our program and we have been blessed to see a beginning. We have located and secured a home for the women leaving prison. The inmates will have to be recommended by the Pastora in the church on the inside, that they have seen a change of heart with the women and that they truly want and have made a change in their lives. In January we hope to have our first inmates make this transition. We have a Christian couple that owns and lives on site in another unit that is committed to help with this project. We are thankful.

This is the dining, kitchen area of the home for the ladies >>>>>>​

This year of 2015 has been amazing!! – there have been a total of 56 women inmates that we have baptized in 2015!!​

This is WHY We Do What We Do!

Read the note below

Translation of the inmate note on the right.​

“This card is filled with love, respect and gratefulness to God and Rancho El Refugio, and all of those who support us in this place. God “loves” us through you, and your love and care for us transforms my life; it turns me from a destroyed woman to God’s daughter. May God always bless each one of you and your ministry. From Conchita Rodriguez.”

Would you consider supporting this ministry? We can not invite you to come and join us in the prison, but we do need your prayers that this ministry keeps growing and the inmates keep receiving the GOOD NEWS! We also ask you for donations for the items that we take inside and also financial support. To find out what items we need for the inmates CLICK HERE and to make a financial donation CLICK HERE

Please keep this ministry in your prayers! You may participate by giving to this ministry. We are thankful to those that have given in the past and look forward to those that will give in the future.

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