Spring 2014

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Hot Dog feed in Colonial 89

God is GOOD!!​

Enclosed find information on EXCITING things going on in the ministry in Ensenada, Mexico.

There are amazing things going on despite some struggles and getting through what Satan has thrown at us. God is faithful and has blessed us beyond what we could ever imagine!

He has put us in places – has put people along side of us, that has just been amazing!

This ministry continues to GROW, there are more national people that we are partnering with to become stronger in sharing the GOOD News!

The chapel build in the Ensenada prison has started! There has been a total influx of new personal at the prison, from the Director (warden) to the head commandants. We have met with them and they said “we have heard what you do here in the prison, just continue doing what you have been doing. We are very grateful for what you do” Read more inside

..and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. “Isaiah 58:10


It has been about a year ago that the warden of the Ensenada prison asked me if we can build a “church” for the women inmates! I said “YES” I let him know I did not have the monies BUT the Lord will provide. So it has finally come true! All in HIS timing—most of the funds has been raised and the Chapel construction has started!! God is GOOD! In my last meeting with the warden, and the head commandants of the women and men, the head women commandant said: we are putting some of the Christian women in a cell with the rough women and they are starting to see a change in the rough women—there is more peace in the prison!

So the staff is noticing the difference that the Christian women are making with the other women! The warden also told me that they APPRECIATE all we do because the government does not help them with anything, so all that we do is REALLY appreciated. The psychiatrist has thanked us MANY times for visiting the mental inmates, as she sees change in them after we are there, She says we give them HOPE

It is always a blessing to go in and see them. We go in thinking we are blessing them and come out BLESSED! They have asked to pray over us MANY times! Such a blessing!


We have been sharing with the women inmates that soon a chapel for them will be built. We have asked them to pray over this process so it would come to fruition.

Well after completing the lengthy vetting process we were approved by Lazairan World Homes to have this chapel built. We have raised most of the money they require. But, after the second vetting phase they have asked for more funds. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile this build has begun.

As I write this note to you the men inmates along with the project managers are building the retaining wall and getting ready to lay the cement slab foundation.

After this is complete the process moves very quickly. We hope to have a dedication celebration of this completed chapel when we go in the middle of June. You will definitely be receiving a report about that upcoming event.

The warden has told us that he will invite the dignitaries of Ensenada as well as the press to show what we (the Christian community) have been doing for the people of Ensenada.

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