The Orphanage

We had been encouraged by our friend Susan who lives at our base camp, Rancho El Refugio, along with her husband Don. She asked if we would be able to go to an orphanage God has directed her to visit weekly. We said absolutely. Upon entering we find many small children under five walking all around along with other older children getting ready to go to the afternoon school session. AudreyUpon us entering our grandchildren immediately began picking up the small ones or playing soccer with the older ones. Language didn’t matter nor did the conditions of the dirt yard and crowded home. But for me I kept having to hold back emotional tears. Most of these kids have been dropped off by parents that are not able to take care of them because of many reasons centering on an irresponsible addicted life style. But these children are left in limbo. They can’t be adopted because legally they still belong to the parents, yet this loving women has chosen to take them in with the faith that God will provide all: housing, clothing, food and helpers. It was a difficult visit.




We had prepared turkey dip sandwiches on these amazing rolls. The kids all ate and then readied themselves for the surprise. Our missionary friends came in their clown costumes ready for some serious fun. Is that possible? DSCN0757Ricardo and Erika interacted with all the children, even dressing up our three grandchildren as clowns. They had games where all the kids learned English and Spanish words as a result. They concluded with a simple gospel message and gave the children a chance to respond. It was a wonderful morning event.


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