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Prison Chapel is Being Used!

The chapel was recently completed and the inmates are now able to use it. They allow inmates in small groups of 25 to rotate going to services. A one hour time Monday-Thursday has been allowed along with the leaders of the women’s church attending each service. That was encouraging. Thanks to all who have contributed to make the chapel build possible.

Early November 2014 we were able to do a small dedication with the 3 main leaders of the women’s prison Christian church. We were able to pray with them over the new church and Pastor Ricardo shared a message with them and gave them words of encouragement . Our friend Juan sang some worship songs – one being “The Lord is GOOD”! That was a SPECIAL DAY!

The Chapel is being used and is functional, but we still need funds to make it complete.

The Lord is at work in the Ensenada Prison, not only with the inmates, but the staff as well!

We continue to build relationships with the staff in the prison and GREAT things are happening!

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A Church Plant in the Ensenada Prison!​

Feeding The Kids in Colonial 89

In June 2014 we did a feeding program with friends from Canada, Arizona and Calif., along with local Pastors Ricardo and Erika Green, who were the clowns.

They have an awesome ministry with the kids using their clown gifts to share the gospel.

2014 Turkey Feed Is In The Planning

Time is approaching and we are planning our 2014 Turkey Feed in mid December.

Our Goal this year is 150 turkeys! There has been so many new ministry sites that has been shown to us that we want to make sure we have turkey for all of these sites.

Our first year we started with 56 turkeys, the next year 72, the next 106, then last year 120!

We take turkey to:​
  • Women inmates
  • Mental men inmates
  • Multiple Men’s Rehabs
  • Women and Girls Rehab’s
  • Homeless
  • Orphanage
  • Boys home Feeding the Kids in Colonial 89 – the poorest of the poor in Ensenada.

This is to name a few – we will also get request for places that we have not been to.

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June 2014 Outreach

Prison Chapel Build

The Prison Chapel Story

It has been about a year ago that the warden of the Ensenada prison asked me if we can build a “church” for the women inmates! I said “YES” I let him know I did not have the monies BUT the Lord will provide. So it has finally come true! All in HIS timing—most of the funds has been raised and the Chapel construction has started!! God is GOOD!

In my last meeting with the warden, and the head commandants of the women and men, the head women commandant said: we are putting some of the Christian women in a cell with the rough women and they are starting to see a change in the rough women—there is more peace in the prison!​

So the staff is noticing the difference that the Christian women are making with the other women!

The warden also told me that they APPRECIATE all we do because the government does not help them with anything, so all that we do is REALLY appreciated.

The psychiatrist has thanked us MANY times for visiting the mental inmates, as she sees change in them after we are there, She says we give them HOPE

It is always a blessing to go in and see them. We go in thinking we are blessing them and come out BLESSED!

They have asked to pray over us MANY times!

Such a blessing!​

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