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A Church Plant In The Ensenada Prison!

In June of 2013 the Director (warden) of the Ensenada Prison asked us if we can build a church for the women inmates! We said SURE! as soon as we can find the funds and the means to do it. In early September we was visiting with Carolyn Koons who is a board member of Lazarian World Homes. Carolyn mentioned that she was going to be presenting to the board for 2 building projects in Mexico, one a school in Ensenada and the other a church in Mexicalli. So I asked her if she would present our prison church build project as well, she said – sure! So after the Lazarian meeting she calls and says that it looks good, that they need more information, photos etc, called the vetting process. So we gathered all the info and sent it to Carolyn, who forwarded to the project manager.

One week later Carolyn calls and says it is looking GOOD!, and the following week she calls and says that the church build was APPROVED!!​

So the project started in the middle of May 2014 ! God is GOOD!​

2013 Turkey Feed​

This was our 4th year in doing a turkey feed in Ensenada and Ojos Negros. Last year we served out 106 turkeys!

This year we served 120 turkey!, BUT the turkeys this year are almost double in size so we had PLENTY of turkey to feed our estimated count of about 1,000 people!

We were blessed this year of the people that stepped up and took the birds to roast and put in zip lock bags so that we can freeze to take them down. We purchased the birds earlier than we anticipated we were because we had a opportunity to purchase while they were available. Picked them up on Tuesday November 12 and all we knew was that we had 120 frozen turkeys with NO place to put except in our enclosed trailer.

Made a few phone calls – and blessing to our friend Dustin, who made calls – talked to his co workers, neighbors, church members etc and he said to give him 60 birds!!! He has people roasting them and putting them in zip lock bags for us

THANK YOU Dustin!!!

So with NO idea how this was going to get ALL done – (well we had a back up – we would have to do them for about 3 days of roasting and de boning ourselves with the help of some people) but this year has been the best yet!!

UPDATE: We served over 1,000 people, and had plenty of turkey left to leave with our Pastor friends so they had turkey to do more Outreaches and give to the needy !!!​

The LORD provides!!​

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