What We Believe

We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. He is the Alpha and Omega. By Him all things were made. There is only one God which exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The only means of salvation is by believing Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, He became alive again, ascended into Heaven and resides with The Father. if we put our faith in Him and commit our life to Him, Christ’s death and resurrection pays the full price for the penalty we all deserve as sinful man. Belief in Christ is essential in all that we think and do. It is this understanding of God’s love for us that directs all our pursuits in life.

Why We Exist​

Ensenada Ministries exists to help Christians work out Jesus instruction to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We work to do this by communicating the essential message of Christ’s love and forgiveness both by word and deed in providing opportunity for diverse members of Christ’s body to help one another obtain the necessities of food, shelter, education and economy while establishing Christian love and faith in the communities of Ensenada.

A significant number of families and individuals in Mexico live without adequate nutrition, shelter, education and employment. Ensenada Ministries strive to relieve these needs in the Ensenada area by:

Supporting existing ministries and programs providing food and sustainable shelter for children, families and individuals at risk.

Seeking and building new ministries to the poor in the community and seeking new partners to fill these ministry needs.

Providing school materials to disadvantaged children through the giving of our supporters.​

​In all of its work, the primary goal of Ensenada Ministries is to foster Christian faith and love among its partners and ministry communities.

The message of faith is simple: Because of God’s great love for us, he has provided full life to us through faith in Christ. Ensneada Ministries operates, and its partners live, expecting God to act as we pursue Christ’s kingdom together.​

How We Started​

Seventeen years old and as a new Christian, Carolyn went on a mission trip with her church youth group to a small town south of Mexicali, Mexico where she had a life-changing experience.

As founder of the Institute for Outreach Ministries at Azusa Pacific University, Carolyn has taken thousands of high school, college-age and single adults on missions trips throughout the world.​

In 2000 we took a youth group to Cornavaca (Mexicalli,MX) where we led our youth group on our first missions trip.This is one of the trips that is mentioned above where there were 3,400 campers on a 10 acre piece of dirt! It was that trip that started our love for ministry in Mexico. The next year we went to Ensenada, MX where there was a ministry camp just like in Cornavaca, “Rancho El Refugio” We started going to “Rancho El Refugio” on a regular basis, sometimes once and twice a month! We became good friends with Carolyn and now we are like family. Through the 13 years that we have known Carolyn we have done MANY ministry programs together including Feeding the Kids, Prison Ministry, working with the men at the Rehabs and the list goes on.

Thank You Carolyn for keeping on GOING for what the Lord has put on your heart!!​

We love you!​

Bill & Judy Nazaroff​

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