I needed clothes and you clothed me,
I was sick and you looked after me,
I was in prison and you came to see me.

Matthew 25:30

Ensenada Ministries exists to work with local churches in and around the the Ensenada area and  beyond to bring lasting change
to their communities.

We work to do this by communicating the essential message of Christ’s love and forgiveness both by word and deed in providing opportunity for diverse members of Christ’s body to help one another obtain the necessities while establishing Christian love and faith in the communities of Ensenada.

The message of faith is simple:

Because of God’s GREAT love for us, he has provided full life to us through faith in Christ.​

Ensenada Ministries operates, and its partners live, expecting God to act as we pursue Christ’s kingdom together.​


We have been going into the Ensenada Prison to visit many who NEVER get a visit and also take in much needed personal items. We have seen hearts of inmates change and also we have seen them on the outside after their release and some are now Pastors, leading worship, being mentors etc!! We have also seen hearts of the leadership in the prison change because of this ministry. Sometimes they, the leadership, just can’t figure out why we keep coming back. We are welcomed back by the prison officials as well as the inmates time and time again!

The Christian church in the prison is GROWING! READ MORE

UPDATE of 2016 Prison Ministry CLICK HERE

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, Hebrews 13:3


We continue to be a support for the outreach to the children of Ensenada and surrounding areas. Our local team members Pastor Ricardo and his wife Pastora Erika continue to identify areas where children need to hear the gospel of Jesus. Pastor Ricardo and Pastora Erika continue to present the gospel with their clown ministry. Once the needs of these families are identified, we have been privileged to provide clothing, hygiene items, and a meal for the children and many times the whole family will also join in the event. We have been able to build relationships and witnessed many come to know our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and begin to serve as well.

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