Ensenada Ministries

Exists to serve the people in and around Ensenada, Mexico

What we do

We exist to share God’s love and hope through action; providing resources and opportunities for children, teens, families and churches to grow in Christ. We partner with local churches, and do ministries of many sorts (prison, drug rehab, migrant camps, etc.) to provide whatever aid and support we can while sharing the gospel. We facilitate short term mission teams in various ministries including house builds, and ministry outreaches in many different settings.

We believe in the local Church. This is our mission base. We partner alongside local ministries and churches to encourage and assist them in serving their communities while sharing the gospel.

We have various programs to help the comunities in and around Ensenada,Baja Mexico. We have many different ministries and programs, there’s room for anybody to serve with us. Where can you help?

Our Mission & Vision

Come along side the Christian church and its leaders to equip and enable training and presenting of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Provide for the needy and sick when we can.


Make deciples of Jesus Christ that choose to obediently follow His teaching.